Private Pilot License (Aero plane)-PPL

After completion of the course you will have the knowledge, flying skills, experience and confidence for private flight operations. Also you will have a foundation for COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE training.

South African Civil Aviation Authority requirements for the issue of Private Pilot ‘s License(PPL-A)

1.Age : 17+ years old

2.valid south African student pilot license.

3. Valid class two medical

4.Minimum of 45 hours flight training. (25 hours of dual instruction+15 hours of solo flight in which five hours of solo cross country).

5. You must successfully complete 8 PPL theoretical examinations.

6.You need pass English Language Proficiency test with minimum of level 4.

7. You must need to have a Restricted Radio License.

8.You will be required to successfully pass your PPL flight skills tests. The General Flight Test (GFT),which must be conducted by a Grade One or Two flight instructor, and will focus on your ability to handle the aircraft in all normal, abnormal and emergency flight phases and your navigation skills. It is essential to understand that the minimum hours prescribed by the SA-CAA are exactly that minimum requirements. It is unusual for a PPL candidate to achieve competency within these hour constraints, and it must be understood that having to complete more dual hours is not a negative reflection on yourself or your flight school. Everyone has different rates of learning and understanding, and obviously aptitude plays a major role in your progression. The bottom line is SAFETY and COMPETENCY. It is also sensible to be self-assessing throughout, and evaluate your personal comfort level while inflight. A typical PPL may have anywhere between 45 and 65 hours in their logbook when competency is achieved. This does vastly add to your overall experience and you will be declared competent only when you actually are.