Multi-Engine Rating

After completion of this course you can fly multi engine aircrafts. Minimum requirement is valid private pilot license .Flying a multi engine aircraft is a cornerstone of being a Commercial Pilot, and ensures the new CPL individual is as marketable as possible in the General Aviation market place. It is thoroughly recommended to obtain this rating.Part of the Multi-Engine Training can be done on our Flight Simulator. It is a safe and more cost–effective alternative.To obtain a Multi-Engine Rating you will need a PPL with a minimum of 150 total flying hours.All Multi-Engine conversions are given by our highly skilled and qualified senior Grade II Multi-Engine Instructors, all of whom have an excess of 1500 hours flying experience.

South African civil aviation authority requirements for the issue of Multi-Engine Class rating:

1. Complete a minimum of 6 hours of multi-engine flight time.

2.7 hours of theoretical knowledge about multi-engine aircraft .

3. Successfully complete a practical flight test with a Grade One Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).

4. Applying to the SA-CAA for the new class rating, and paying the appropriate fee. If a multi engine instrument rating is sought, you must also meet the requirement for the multi engine instrument rating, as listed previously. This training is in addition to the 6 hours above.