After the completion of this course, you able to fly under instrument flight rules. Minimum requirement for instrument rating is valid private pilot license and night rating.An Instrument Rating (IR) is the Rating that will allow you to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). These are conditions of poor visibility, low cloud base and generally adverse weather. The Rating qualifies you to fly an Aircraft relying solely on its Flight Instruments. You can commence the Instrument Rating Course when you have approximately 140 to 150 hours flight experience. Prior to beginning the IR, it is suggested that you complete the CPL (with IR) Examinations.

South African civil aviation requirements for the issue of an instrument rating:

1. Hold a valid Private Pilots’ License (PPL) with a night rating.

2. Have a Class 1 medical.

3. Pass the SA-CAA required examinations.

4. Completed 50 hours of cross country time as pilot in command (PIC).

5. Complete a minimum of 40 hours of instrument flight time, 20 of which may be completed on approved simulators. If a multi- engine instrument rating is sought, a minimum of 5 hours instrument flight time must be acquired in a multi-engine aircraft.

6. Pass a practical flight test, conducted by a Grade One Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).

7. Be the holder of a General Radio Telephony license.

8. Make the relevant application to the SA-CAA, pay the required fee, and your license will be endorsed accordingly.

You will have encountered the basics of instrument flight during your night rating training, and these 10 hours of instrument time are counted towards your Instrument Rating training. From this base, you now learn radio navigation, controlled airspace communication, holding procedures, en-route risk management, approach and go-around procedures, transition to visual and landing in reduced visibility. Abnormalities and emergencies are continuously introduced and appropriate behaviour is emphasized.

The Instrument Rating test must be conducted by a Grade I Designated Flight Examiner (DFE). In conjunction with the practical flight test, the Examiner will discuss various aspects of Instrument Flying for a duly rated pilot. In addition, the Examiner will ask you a few questions relating to Instrument Flying and procedures, flight and weather planning.