On completion of this course, you will be able to give ground and flying instructions to private pilot licensing students. Minimum requirement for instructor rating is a valid commercial pilot licence.This rating allows the commercially rated pilot to act as an instructor on the aircraft types appropriately endorsed. Some candidates find this a useful method of gaining experience, although it should be considered as a long term commitment to the aviation industry.

South African civil aviation authority requirements for the issue of Instructors Rating Grade III:

1.Pass the 2 Instructors Examinations required by the SACAA:
a)Meteorology & Navigation. b)Principles of Flight, Aircraft Technical & General.

2. 20 hours of Patter Training of which 5 hours may be done in the Simulator

3. 120 hours of Ground Briefings

[/box][box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]An Instructors Rating is optional, but comes highly recommended, as it almost always is a requirement if you are interested in joining the Airlines. In addition to this, an Instructors Rating also gives you another job opportunity and a means of building vital flying hours while earning money in the process.Together with the job opportunities it creates, the experience also improves your knowledge, abilities and skill as pilot.

Further options in Flight Instructions are

  • Upgrading to a Grade II Flight Instructor. This enables you to instruct for Night Rating, IF Training, Conversion Training, Multi-Engine Training (when rated) and carry out PPL and Night Rating tests.
  • Upgrading to a Grade I Flight Instructor. This enables you to do all of the above, as well as CPL and ATPL tests